Thursday, December 15, 2022



It’s not so sad to let you go,
the way one wearily watches the water wane after the waves wash away.
But I know you will return,
Like the ocean crashes against the beach to tell a new tale.

Whispers from the deep of mysteries and wonders
Of beauties to behold if only I were truly a mermaid.
Or maybe it will be the same sad song and strut step
Of slights and sins to offend your sanctimonious self who was reborn too late in life.

When the preacher returns, the fire and brimstone of guilt and duty left unfulfilled spurs
Anger that masks the hurt and insecurities of judgments passed.
There is no wonder in your heart or curiosity to learn who I am.
Only pain from the past that you boast like a burdened backpack of broken beliefs.

No, it isn’t hard to let you go.
It’s only hard when you come back.

How does one stop caring for their first love?
Lines drawn in the sand are washed away by the next swell.
How does one give up hope even knowing that’s what is most sane?
The sailor unceasingly searches the horizon for the flash of light that signals safety.

Here lies my pain. 
The sleeping serpent ready to resurrect.
Hot and salty with a touch of effervescence.
It hits in waves of destruction.

Mostly the waves only gently rock the balance now.
I have learned not to turn my back to avoid being knocked off my feet.
No longer swept away by that dangerous rip tide,
I still yearn for a day when I am free from that fear.

Is there a dike to protect my heart?
A safe harbor from your wounds.

I accept your truth, you don’t need me.
I see how you have blown off one kid.
But the truth is that I don’t need you either
And it’s not necessary to blow me off.

Let the wind sail me away 
Wish me 
bon voyage
And let me go
I am safe with this wind now
It is love
And the horizon beckons
Through red light to my delight.

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